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Dear AdWords Manager, Dear Marketing Manager, Dear Colleague,

We are glad to offer this utility. We use it every single day. Hopefully, it will help you to design incredibly compelling ads too.
But first, let me introduce SeeYooSoon briefly and tell you how Brainstorm Ads was born and what we can do for you, your customers and your business.

If you are in a hurry or not interested at all by any new business opportunities, go and download immediately Brainstorm Ads at the end of this page.

I am a SEM Consultant.  My name is Jean-François Bouverat.

We, at SeeYooSoon, consider that the most important part in PPC is the Ads. While Keywords targets the prospect and make visibility, the Ad makes the visitor. Hence we spend much time on Ads design for our customers. Although Keywords research still make a great deal of our working day.

Like you, I presume, I used to use pen and paper to design Ads. But if you are serious about Ads,  you face, very fast, dozens or even hundreds of possible combinations with only 1 title and 2 descriptions. Adwords Editor is perfect to manage campaigns but so poor to design Ads. Isn't it ?

Since I used to be a Software Engineer, I decided to get back to my first "love" for a while and to write a piece of code to support us in this task. That's how Brainstorm Ads™ was born. Now I would like to share it with you all.

But that's not the only thing I offer you.

As a PPC Consultant I make a valuable proposition to you.

Either for your own company or your customers, you can now easily address French Speaking Countries with PPC Campaigns. That makes a few millions prospects !!!

The good news is that you won't have to learn French.

SeeYooSoon is a French PPC agency and will manage your campaigns for you. We can contract with you or your customer. We may even be transparent to your customer.

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We Take Care of Your Adwords Campaigns
on the French Speaking Markets
up to the Visitor Conversion

  1. Global Adwords campaign management.
    • Campaign Organization (or we can keep your structure)
    • Finding of KeyWords and KeyPhrases
    • Bidding at the best possible price
    • Writing of compelling Ads (Thanks to Brainstorm Ads :-)
  2. Landing Pages Optimization.
    • Translation in French
    • Technical structure optimization
    • Titles and Content copywriting
  3. Web Analytics
    • Setup of the dashboard
    • Setup and Analyze with "Google Analytics"  (or log files)
    • Analyze of the conversion funnel
    • Reports submission
We start any of our missions by an instructive study. 
  1. Traffic Audit
  2. Positionning Audit
  3. Landing pages Audit
  4. KeyWord Density Audit
  5. Competition Audit

Then we agree on the target that we must achieve.

Furthermore our fees are very competitive. Depending on your expectations they usually stay between 500 Euros and 2.000 Euros for a campaign setup.

So, wherever you are, your French Speaking Prospects will find you and/or your customers as easily as you found us. We can start today. Call us or send us an email. 

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See Yoo Soon !
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Jean-François Bouverat
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33 1 60 62 90 19

PS : Even if you don't have the need today, keep (or bookmark) our URL somewhere... Just in case !

Now let's Let's get back to Brainstorm Ads.
You may use it, copy it, share it.  

If you are willing to help us distribute it, please feel free to insert a link to this page on your website and send us an email.
If you find this tool useful we will be glad to hear from you.
Drop us an email at

Hard Copy Brainstorm Ads

Click here to download Brainstorm Ads

Enjoy and let us know !

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